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Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental (HSSE) Officer

The Role

The Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental (HSSE) Officer position functions independently from Pen Aviation (“PAV”) Flight Operations and provide support to and unbiased oversight on all HSSE matters to PAV’s business units.

The purpose of this role is to promote, manage, and oversee health, safety, security, and environmental compliance from top to the base-level. The position will be responsible to offer guidance for implementation and adherence to the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia’s (CAAM) Safety, Security, Quality, and Training policies and SOPs as well as local, state, federal and international applicable regulations.


  • Responsible for the leadership, coordination, and assignment of duties to the safety team.
  • Promotes PAV’s Safety-First process and encourages timely reporting of all incidents, hazards, and near misses.
  • Leads by example and provides immediate and direct feedback to employees and co-workers.
  • Manages CAAM’s Health, Safety Programs, Policies, and Procedures and other Safety, Security, and Environmental related systems in accordance with approved manuals, trainings, and briefings, for PAV headquarters, all PAV permanent or temporary operational bases, and from time to time, PAV suppliers and business partners.
  • Participate to all PAV Safety Operational Risk Assessments (SORA) in coordination with internal and external stakeholders
  • Ensures implementation of and compliance with local, state, federal and international HSSE rules and regulations
  • Responsible ofr PAV Safety Management System (SMS) and related manuals, audits and reporting
  • Monitors all legislation changes (CAD) related to HSSE.
  • Assists with conducting Risk Assessments (RAs) for new/changing activities, and reviews existing RAs annually.
  • Conducts training and on-site inspections and audits of base operations, facilities, equipment, and materials to further develop, recommend and/or implement policies and procedures that promote safety.
  • Assists in the development and implementation of PAV ERP and disaster contingency plans.
  • Serves as the primary internal and external Point of Contact for all HSSE matters
  • Assists in the investigation of accidents, injuries, and near misses and cooperates in the preparation of material and evidence for use in hearings, lawsuits, and insurance investigations. Will also evaluate root causes and recommend corrective action.
  • Monitors that approved corrective actions implemented by senior management, are communicated to base employees, and are sustained as required to enable safe operation practices.
  • Oversees the compilation of base accident reports and data required by regulatory agencies.
  • Performs graphical and numerical analysis of accidents, injuries, and near misses to determine trends, and provides recommendations to senior management to reverse negative trends if any.
  • Coordinates HSSE related promotion activities.
  • Develops briefings and ensures the cascade of HSSE related bulletins and alerts.
  • Establishes, supports, and facilitates (as necessary) the PAV’s station Safety Review Committee (SRC). Prepares reports and communicates unsafe findings to management (including root causes and recommended corrective action).
  • Attends customer and airport or equivalent safety meetings and forums and participate in shared learnings.
  • Assists Base senior management with devising appropriate audit and inspection responses; and follows-up on all corrections to ensure appropriate action has been taken.
  • Assists in reviewing equipment and material purchasing plans for compliance with applicable SSE-related rules, regulations, and best practices. Determines necessary mitigation measures to facilitate a safe work environment.

Expected Skills and Attitude

  • Strong communication skills
  • Good rapport skills around federal and state officials
  • Proactive
  • Negotiation prowess
  • Ability to think out of the box
  • Solution based mindset
  • Eye for details
  • Ability to be calm and collected under pressure and during emergencies
  • Should at least be close to completing NIOSH’s Green Book program or already a Green Book holder

The Position Reports to

Pen Aviation Accountable Manager


  • Fixed salary
  • Bonus
  • Travel allowances
  • Nominated Post Holder allowance
  • Medical subsidy and health insurance
  • Parking provided for

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