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Pen Aviation is focused and committed in delivering the following 6 pillars of specialist services within the product matrix of fixed-wing, rotor-wing, amphibious aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Consulting and Project Management

Consulting & Project
Management Services

With a proven track record of managing small to large scale aviation projects, you can rely on Pen Aviation’s experiences in executing your very own aviation project.

Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

Aircraft Sales and

At Pen Aviation, we assist both corporations as well as individuals in maximizing value and minimizing risks within the purchasing process of either new or pre-owned aircraft.

Charter Concierge


Leverage on our knowledge of the industry to charter the most suitable aircraft at the best value while ensuring safety and compliance requirements are met by the operator.

Investment Opportunities


Capitalize on Pen Aviation’s network hub in making well informed decisions on investment opportunities, and ultimately enjoy the fruits of your investment.

Business Development for Aircraft Management

Business Development for Aircraft Management

Employ Pen Aviation’s expertise in guiding you on the planning and execution processes for the optimum and safe utilization, operations and management of your aircraft.

PEN UAS Products


Whichever your industrial sector is, leverage on our UAV platforms and sensors expertise to further reduce your costs and minimize time-to-data.