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PEN UAS at your Service

PEN UAS at your service

PEN UAS at your Service

Supporting You whatever it takes!

With PEN UAS by Pen Aviation, we accompany your projects with tailored solutions such as Registration & Approvals, UAV Management and Flight Operations, Pilot Rental, Training, Tailormade MC3 (Mission Command, Control and Communication Center), and “Drones-As-A-Service”, etc.


FreeMIND™ is a comprehensive guaranteed maintenance cost tailored program designed to help Clients better manage their maintenance budgets through stable, predictable costs related to parts, labor and even AOG. The program helps operators of PEN UAS Systems realize the highest value from their UAVs by providing them with total control over their maintenance costs. It assures the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your UAV is receiving the best possible care.


With an experienced team of Drone Pilot Instructors and Technicians, we offer the highest quality of UAS training courses on your premises or in Malaysia: Product, Safety & Emergency Situations Management, Flight Planning and Operations, Continued Airworthiness, Post Flight Analysis, etc.

Resale Platform

Either because your work assignment is done, or because you need cash to invest in new technologies, PEN UAS offers you its digital platform to resale your professional UAV, whether delivered by us or not. PEN UAS digital platform allows you to reach other UAV professional users and get buyers on a WORLDWIDE basis.