What has the Global 7500 been up to since its introduction?

Bombardier’s flagship Global 7500, also the first production aircraft, has been busy traversing the world the past year, and it has set some amazing and substantial records as it went round earth – 17.3 times to be exact or 1.8 times the distance to the moon. Not only did this first production plane set records, it also demonstrated its sterling capabilities and garnered multiple awards along the way, making it the best business jet currently in the industry.

The primary objective of a demonstrator aircraft is to allow customers, potential customers and industry peers to view and experience the aircraft on the tarmac – and in this sense, the Global 7500 has achieved just that with appearances in numerous trade events and in diverse locations around the world, namely Dubai, Paris and Las Vegas just to name a few.

Bombardier Global 7500

“The Global 7500 demonstrator plane’s travels in the past year have been a real proving ground for the capabilities of this aircraft. It really has been a star performer for us. It recently set the record for the longest non-stop city pair in business aviation history, surpassing a record it had set earlier in the year. It has flown around the globe, in all flight conditions, landed on long and short runways and even participated in a few video shoots. Throughout, its performance has been impeccable. It is evident that since the Global 7500 demo entered into service, we’ve shown that this aircraft delivers above and beyond customer expectations for both performance and comfort.” quoted Michel Ouellette, Senior Vice-President, program Management and Engineering, Bombardier Aviation.

There were several new feature additions to the Global 7500 during the year. Nuage seats were introduced, together with the Soleil lighting system and l’Opéra sound to its already-impressive set of features.

Bombardier Global 7500


  • 876 Flight Hours (as at November 2019)
  • 267 Flight Cycles (1 flight cycle = 1 takeoff + 1 landing)
  • 373,256 Nautical Miles (equivalent to 17.3 times around the Earth or 1.8 times the distance to the Moon)
  • 126 Cities Visited
  • 34 Countries
  • 2 Record-Setting Long Flights*

*Longest non-stop city pair in business aviation history – Sydney, Australia to Detroit, Michigan, October 6 2019. Point-to-point distance between the two cities is 8,225 nautical miles, eclipsing the 7,990 nautical miles distance between Singapore and Tucson, which the Global 7500 previously flew.


  • Robb Report’s Business Jet of the Year for 2019
  • 2019 Aviation Week Grand Laureate Award
  • Red Dot Award for design
  • International Yacht and Aviation Award
  • 2019 OPEA Award

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Text: TY Lim