MALAYSIA and FRANCE, 30th of March 2021

PEN UAS by Pen Aviation is proud to welcome a new heavy cargo drone, co-designed and manufactured with our French Partner, CAVOK-UAS. PEN UAS is the Pen Aviation brand for Unmanned Automated Solutions (UAS).

PEN 1360V is a fully automated VTOL, rotary cargo drone, designed to carry heavy payload over long distances.

This model offers outstanding performances: unprecedent payload capacity (up to 770kg over 675km), high level of safety, easy deployment & maintenance, no runway required, great versatility, large autonomy (3.8 hours).

With a wide coverage of short to long-range missions, PEN 1360V is able to assist our clients in areas such as Logistics and Cargo Deliveries, Border Control, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Recognition), COMINT (Communication Intelligence), SAR (Search & Rescue), C-ESM (Counter Electromagnetic Support Measures), Smart Agriculture, etc. We provide each client with the most reliable solution for their requirements.

Our drones are designed to be approved for remote operations beyond visual line of sight. This enables our customers to perform multiple missions in various environments.

Different variants of our drones are available and cater for a number of different applications / sectors and industries. This includes Civil & Defense, Public & Industrial Infrastructures, Oil & Gas onshore and offshore, Power and Communication networks, Utility Services, Marine, Ports, Agriculture, Firefighting, etc.

The first flight is scheduled in France mid of 2021, commercialization end of the year.

About Pen Aviation

Pen Aviation was founded in 2016 in Malaysia, with a vision to develop aeronautical solutions for a better living. Pen Aviation is the preferred one-stop tailored solutions provider within the aviation niche markets in Asia, catering for both civilian and governmental clients.

Pen Aviation is focused on the service fields of Consultancy and Project Management, Aircraft Sales and Acquisition, Charter Concierge, Investment Opportunities, Business Development for Aircraft Management companies and Unmanned Automated Solutions (UAS) within the product matrix which includes fixed-wing aircraft, rotary-wing aircraft, amphibious aircraft and UAV.


PEN UAS is Pen Aviation brand for UAS, and provides governmental bodies and private sector with ecosystem solutions. PEN UAS is the go-to industrial drone shop for organizations looking for customized solutions.


CAVOK-UAS is specialised in the design and production of UAS. Their team has over 15 years’ experience in the design of UAS (based on mission and end user needs), avionics (as related to sensors for flight stabilisation, management of landing and take-off phases), and data acquisition (i.e. radio communication systems). They have made several prototypes of flying machines with autonomous driving systems and/or remote piloting with stabilisation systems.

Contact Information

PEN UAS by Pen Aviation Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

Mr. Kanapuran RAMASAMY, VP Business Development UAS   M: +601 7577 5330

Cavok-UAS by LR Business Support (France)

Mrs. Rachida LEFEBVRE, CEO    T: +33 1 80 81 52 90

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