An intimate interview with Kanapuran Ramasamy (Kana), our new VP Business Development Unmanned Automated Solutions (UAS). He will talk about his vision on the UAS market in ASEAN.

What do you like in the UAV market?

Well, the UAV market from my earlier perspective was that drones were used for leisure activities and defense, but that mindset has changed since joining Pen Aviation as I realized the multiple functions that the UAV can perform using the right UAV with the right solution. And being capable of handling different market segments, irrespective of civilian or defense usage. Something which I never dreamt would be possible.

What are the things that are exciting the most?

The most interesting part will be meeting clients from different sectors and giving them a solution which they would have never expected possible 5 years ago. For example, our cargo drones which can travel further and carry much more load than any other UAV. This is irrespective of the task being performed.

What is your biggest challenge?

Convincing clients that our products can perform each task safer and faster than manned products. We need to assure them that we comply with all government authorities standing operating procedures and have all required licenses to fly and making sure the civilian’s lives are not threatened.

In which sectors do you think the UAV market will have a future in ASEAN?

Well in this region, the UAV will shine in the Oil & Gas, Telco Tower, Transmission Lines for the inspection of the assets. In Defense and Law Enforcement we can use UAV for ISR, COMINT, SAR & C-ESM. Specialized drones for firefighting and agriculture spraying is another area. The transportation of goods, medical equipment, spare & stores for the shipping, ports and courier industry will enhance and make movement much simplified. The possibilities of the usage of the UAV is wide and is continuously growing with new innovative ideas from manufacturers. The sky is the limit in this area as we see updates and changes in UAV usage increasing daily.

For more info or inquiries, please contact Kana: ( / +601 7577 5330)