Our first PEN 55V, designed in partnership with Cavok-UAS, conducted its maiden test flight successfully in Paris. This unit will be dedicated to certification, pilot projects, and actual operations in ASEAN and Middle East.

PEN55V is a versatile drone helicopter with outstanding performances: high level of safety, easy deployment & maintenance, with no runway required, large and predicable endurance (2.5 hours), large panel of datalinks offering various communication range (up to 120 km), high range of speeds from hover up to 110 km/h, hardly detectable, low level of vibration, and heavy payload (up to 15kg). PEN55V connect to DIGIMIND™, Pen Aviation digital platform that enables profitable business by automating complex processes.

This UAV can be operated in harsh environmental conditions, in which no other drones may be deployed. Its capabilities enable full automated missions for various market segments such as: time critical good deliveries and logistics, pipeline and telecom tower inspection, smart agriculture, border control, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Recognition), COMINT (Communication Intelligence), SAR (Search & Rescue), etc.

Our drone will be soon exhibited in Malaysia at the Selangor Air Show from August 12 to 14, 2021, Subang Airport, Kuala Lumpur. Pilot projects are already planned in ASEAN starting in September.