Pen Aviation is proud to announce the upcoming arrival in Malaysia of our new Pen UAS drones designed and manufactured with the technical expertise of CAVOK-UAS. Pen UAS is Pen Aviation brand for Unmanned Automated Solutions (UAS).

PEN55V – VTOL Drone (Vertical Take-Off and Landing), ready to take-off!

The first model is landing in Malaysia on the first Quarter 2021. Numerous pilot projects are already planned in ASEAN this year.

PEN55V is a tactical drone helicopter with outstanding performances: high level of safety, easy deployment & maintenance, no runway required, great versatility, large autonomy (2.5 hours), high range of speed up to 110 km/h, hardly detectable, low level of vibration to optimize the video quality and payload customization (up to 15kg).

This UAV can be operated in harsh environmental conditions, in which no other drones may be deployed. Its capabilities enable full automated missions, such as: border control, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Recognition), COMINT (Communication Intelligence), SAR (Search & Rescue), pipeline and Telecom Tower inspection, Logistics / Deliveries and Transport, Agriculture spraying, Etc.

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…the fully automated VTOL cargo drone, designed to carry heavy payload over long distances.

Like his little brother the Pen 55V, this versatile drone will be used for challenging missions in various industries with unprecedent capacity of transport. Maiden flight is scheduled in 2021.

Unifly: a proven solution of Unmanned Traffic Management for the Pen 55V and the CD1360

Our drones are delivered with the digital Platform suite which include a number of applications such as Unifly UOM (UAV Operation Management). Unifly has a proven solution for Unmanned Traffic Management and UOM, supporting both authorities and drone operators for the safe integration of drones in the airspace. Their mission: driving technology to advance the safety and efficiency of autonomous aviation in everyday life.